2017 Donatelife Forum
Where to From Here?
8:30 - 9:30am Arrival & Forum Registration (coffee/tea/biscuits available)
9.30 - 10.00am Welcome
Welcome – Forum Chair Dr Sarah Jones
Welcome to country – Local Indigenous elder
Opening Address – OTA CEO (Acting) Ann Smith
Minister Wyatt – Video message
10.00 - 11.00am Opening plenary session 1:
Successes and challenges – the Australian & UK experiences
Introduction (brief) – Co-chairs: Dr Sarah Jones and Nigel Palk
Australian perspective – Dr Helen Opdam
UK perspective – Dr Dale Gardiner
Q&A from audience
11.05am - 12.15pm Breakout session 1
Stream 1:
Leading practice change

Chairs: Danielle Fisher and
A/Prof Andrew Turner
Stream 2:
Donor families and recipients

Chairs: Bernie Dwyer and
Sorana Walker-Healy
Stream 3:
Transplantation now and into the future

Chairs: Mikaela Stafrace and TBD
Donation specialists in Australia
Robyn Scott, DL Vic Manager
Summary of community consultative forum on donor families and recipients meeting
Dr Dominique Martin
Making the most of organ allocation
(renal focus, include update on AOMS, KDPI, optimising use of ECD donor organs)
Dr Scott Campbell
UK CLOD and SNOD roles, engagement and support
Dr Dale Gardiner
What donor families tell us
Michelle Skinner
Ex-vivo perfusion – future role in Australia
Prof Henry Pleass
Free papers Free papers Free papers
12.15 - 1.10pm Lunch
1.10 - 2.20pm Plenary session 2: DCD and related donation practice
  Introduction (brief) – Co-chairs: Dr Sarah Jones and Fran O’Rourke
DCD in the UK – Dr Dale Gardiner
DCD in Australia – Dr Rohit D’Costa and Juliana Celcer
Q&A discussion with audience members asking questions of speakers who remain as a panel
2.25 - 3.10pm Breakout session 2
Stream 1:
What does the data tell us?

Chairs: A/Prof Frank Van Haren and Leanne McEvoy
Stream 2:
Paediatric update

Chairs: Claire Leonard-Matthews and TBD
Stream 3:
Eye and tissue advances

Chairs: Dr Marisa Herson and Dr Bruce Powell
Sharing new data analyses useful for measuring performance and driving practice change
Mark McDonald
Update in paediatric donation and transplantation
Dr Elena Cavazonni
The eye sector in Australia
Dr Graeme Pollock
The tissue sector in Australia
Joyleen Winter
Free papers Free papers Increasing eye and tissue donation from the ED
Dr Martin Dutch
3.10 - 3.30pm Refreshment break
3.30 - 4.10pm Plenary session 3: Consent models – Which model is best for Australia?
Introduction (brief) – Co-chairs: A/Prof Michael O’Leary and Chris Thomas
Opt out: Why Australia should move to an opt out model – Allan Turner
First person consent: Why Australia should move to first person consent – Tina Coco AO
Informed consent: Why Australia should continue with informed consent – Dr Stewart Moodie
Q&A discussion with audience members asking questions of speakers who remain as a panel
4.10 - 4.30pm Future direction, summary of day and closeDr Helen Opdam and Dr Sarah Jones
4.30 pm Depart